Fallout 4

My own progress

Next things to do

Materials to find

  • Materials with less than 200
  • Gold
  • Silver

My armor pieces

Light Sturdy Tough
Raider Light (6) Leather Light (13) Metal Light (18) Synth Light (29) Combat Light (30) Leather Sturdy (37) Metal Sturdy (40) Combat Sturdy (50) Synth Sturdy (54) Leather Tough (60) Metal Tough (62) Combat Tough (70) Synth Tough Mark4 (79)
ArmL INT/CHR [+4] MUTANT [+4]
ArmR INT/CHR [+4] Vanilla
Chest INVIS [+4]
LegL INVIS [+4] LUCK [+4]
LegR INT/CHR [+4] INVIS [+4] Vanilla
Helmet INT/CHR [+4] AGI/PER [+4]


  • Have the highest possible set of intelligence parts (“Sharp …”)
  • Have the highest possible set of invisible parts (“Chameleon …”)
  • Have the highest possible set.


General tips

Increase settlement build limit

Open the console, click on the workbench and…

getav 348 displays the current number of triangles
getav 349 displays the maximum number of triangles
setav 349 <amount> changes the number of triangles to the specified amount
getav 34a displays the currentnumber of draws
getav 34b displays the maximum number of draws
setav 34b <amount> changes the number of draws to the specified amount

Increase settlement happiness

  • Beds >= Settlers
  • Food >= Settlers
  • Water >= Settlers
  • Defense >= Food + Water
  • Recruit Level 4 merchants
  • Get some of Gene's dogs
  • Add a lot of decorative crap


  • Equip all your settlers with a marker piece of common equipment, like a bandana. Makes it easy to spot new ones in a crowd, or make it task specific
  • To help place objects in hard places use a small rug then place the object on the rug, pick up the rug and the item will remain attached but the game uses the rugs collision detection. (This allows you to clip objects into walls!)
  • Sitting on the pew inside the All Faiths Chapel in Diamond City grants you an extra +5% XP for a limited time
  • If your settlements are big enough (build a recruitment beacon, keep meeting all the settlers’ needs, and establish supply lines) and you meet their requirements (you need at least one of every kind of shop and service centre) you’ll be able to recruit unique NPCs to come and live in them, tending your stores and providing neat bonuses.
  • Assign NPC to specific bed
  • There’s a Chem crafting station in Sanctuary Hills. It’s hidden behind the drug dealer’s house – that’s the intact one near the bridge out of town, with a terminal in it.
  • Just watch the brackets around the word HIDDEN or CAUTION. the further apart they are, the safer you are.
  • Power hookups inside houses !
  • If you assign a companion to a settlement, you can assign them to a task. Codsworth is now running a scavenging station for me instead of meandering about with no job.
  • “When hacking look for [],(), <>,and {} with anything in between the brackets, clicking the leftmost bracket will reset your attempts to give you more tries, or remove dud words from the list.”
  • Build signal emitter in base to attract settlers
  • Build bobblehead rack and magazine rack
  • When you upgrade a weapon, the current mod will be placed in your inventory. If you transfer all mods to your workbench, if you put that upgrade on another weapon, it will use the mod before crafting a new one.
  • Activate Water Purifier
  • When using terminals, instead of repeatedly pushing the back button to leave, [TAB] on PC, hold it and you will quickly exit the terminal.
  • [.mun] before weapon name
  • When building settlements you can raise and lower objects by holding E and using scroll wheel on PC
  • Highlighting a settler in workshop mode will also highlight anything he's assigned to.
  • To reduce raider attacks make sure your defense state is higher than food + water.
  • Sneak to improve accuracy
  • Sell power core before they reach 0 !

Companions affinity

Display the affinity

Click on him then

getav CA_affinity

McCready / Cait

Teleport him to you :

prid 0002a8a7
moveto player

Teleport her to you :

prid 00079305
moveto player

Farm his/her affinity

Go to Atom Cats Garage (far south east of the map). There's a terminal there (Zeke's terminal) linked to a red safe (novice lock).

- Hack the terminal but don't unlock the safe
- Pick the safe (don't need to loot anything inside)
- Quicksave and reload
- Use the terminal to lock the safe again

You can just “farm” this safe for his affinity. Remember you need to save and reload after each successful lockpick so he will get the affinity.

Curie / Nick / Piper

Incapacitate Dogmeat, healh him, save, load